The Penn Futures Project is an ambitious and unprecedented initiative by three professional schools at the University of Pennsylvania—the Graduate School of Education, the School of Nursing, and the School of Social Policy & Practice–to collaboratively address pressing social issues that affect Philadelphia’s most vulnerable young people and their families.

On September 23, 2020, Penn Futures hosted our first “System Meets the Neighborhood” Roundtable.

“Love this conversation. We need to have more.” -Selena Earley, participant

“We must remember that transformative change which is necessary takes time and commitment. This is not a moment but a movement.” – Dr. Karen Hudson

This virtual discourse provided live collaboration between community leaders, activists, and Penn educators, staff, and students.

The group engaged in a lively and thoughtful discussion addressing the structural and systemic issues that contribute to inequities faced by children and families in our shared communities. Harnessing the energy and insights of this first roundtable, the Penn Futures Project is partnering with our neighbors to continue developing solutions to community-identified issues that promote equity and opportunity.